Baal the Demon prince of Hell was believed to be the source and original bloodline of the undead Vampire.

Home of the vampires, Transylvania and Bulgaria, believe the spirits of the immediate dead retrace their memories, visiting favourite haunts on earth for a month before their souls move on to their next life. Vampires arise when the dead are not buried appropriately and if their death was terminated in suspicious and arcane circumstances. If sorcery or vampirism was suspected then the head would be decapitated and the corpse would be burned or only allowed burial with a large stone placed on the grave, preventing resurrection.

The Ustrel was a type of Bulgarian vampire said to be the “limbo” spirits of children who died unbaptised and after eight days of death would rise up to feed on animals and when stronger would lead on to feeding from humans.

Czechoslovakian vampires the “Upir” or “Nelapsi” had no souls or hearts becoming ghouls that fed on the flesh of the innocent.

China believes vampires to be chiang-shih meaning ‘hopping corpse’.

Hebrew associates their living dead with Lilith a beautiful blood sucking woman accompanied by her snake. Lilith of the undead that feeds on the flesh of humans.

Hindu relate the walking dead to Rakshasa flesh eating blood suckers.

Candidates for vampirism would be the dammed as in excommunication, the condemned, unbaptised, witches, murderers and tormented souls that prayed for death.

The “Magia Posthuma” published 1706 documented on vampire incidents.

The belief system of the vampire.

The blood controlled vampire is cursed and deemed to roam the earth for eternity.

The undead must return to their coffin before dawn. The victims of vampire bites will be come one of the undead after death.

Death for a vampire is from a wooden stake through the heart, a silver bullet, through contact with the sun, water and garlic. The cross and holywater are tools of defence.