I dream vividly. Two years ago on recalling one specific dream or nightmare, which at the time, did not seem alarming, my eyes seemed to be open in the early hours of the morning to what I can only describe as a visitation in limbo. I saw a vision of a male figure suspended in darkness. He seemed to walk into a false density of light, bent over, kneeling and looked human until he lifted his head.

He told me his name and others he is recognised under and why I should paint him. Positioning himself head bent and kneeling, I subconsciously sketched his magnificent anatomy.

“But it’s only a dream.” I said. “For now” he replied. “You will not forget”.

I gazed at the magnificence of his wings, “I was honoured to see them.” he said.

In my mind I did not appear to be frightened by this unearthly apparition as it was only a dream.

Four hours passed and at five o’clock, I awoke picked up my pad and began to draw. Because I am a figurative painter it was easy for me to bring his body to life. Over the next few days Sariel developed into a living, creative, physical being. From the initial first sketch I proceeded to a canvas, inked in dark lined colours, his anatomy covered in green and blue oil. Now I am ready for the third stage, to paint him in high colour and I intend filming the procedure.

I don’t know why I dreamed such an unusual dream but as I do work off my imagination, messages generate through sleeping thoughts, which thankfully inspire me with unique pieces of work.

I have read many articles, theories and books on angels with more of an interest in the ‘Fallen Ones’, ‘the Order of the Angels’ and ‘the War of the Heavens’. Recently discovered in The Dead Sea Scrolls, in one of the books,’ War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness’ lists Sariel as the name that appears on the ‘third tower’ as an Officer of God (Tower signifies a fighting unit) There were four Towers in all.

It would be wonderful to think we all have our own guardian angels, although I can’t imagine the poor thing that has to watch over me! Angels can bring comfort to individuals that sustain a subjective belief in religion and can are individually personalised.

Before my dream-state encounter, the name Sariel amongst the hierarchy of angels was not of recognition to me. Researching his dominion I began to find all kind of information concerning his assignment and actions upon the heavens and mankind.

Sariel under the Judaic faith was held in high esteem as one of the glorious archangels and the ‘Command of God’, Recognised with numerous names Sahariel, Sauriel, Surya, Suruel, Suriyel, Saraqael, Zerachiel, Sarakiel, Souirial, Juriel and Esdreel are also mentioned in the Dead Seas Scrolls. Although Sariel can contradictory be identified as Uriel, - Metarton, Ariel and Araziel.

Sariel is also conflicted with Samael one of the archangels, although he is the same as that of Satan fallen and referred to as the ‘Red Dragon’.

Fundamentally he is considered the Executive of the Judiciary function of the heavens, responsible for the fate of angels who have transgressed the divine laws, thus punishing those that neglect their duties.

Sariel is also associated with health and healing. He is in an enigma of contrast as the Christians’ regard him as one of the five archangels of death that fights on the side of Lucifer the ‘Morning Star’. Sariel is again contradictorily listed between the Son of Light and the Fallen Angel of Death who guides all souls to their afterlife.

Gnostics believe he can be invoked for his protective powers. The Kabala deems him as one of seven angels of earth and a prince of presence.

In the book of Enoch, Sariel is one of the four holy archangels who are “of eternity and trembling”. Both Remiel and Sariel are denoted as the rebel angels and stately named as their leader. He is listed as one of the seven archangels and one of the angels of the summer Equinox. Sariel shared all his knowledge with Moses and was sent by God to retrieve Moses’s soul.

He taught men the course of the moon (considered as forbidden knowledge) and instructed them how to use their swords in war.

Sariel was also assigned as the benevolent angel of death. In The Lesser Key of Solomon the dukes (hierarchy order of the angels) Gediel and Asteliel commanded Sariel by night and in Leonard Ashley’s The Complete book of Devils and Demons he is listed as a fallen angel. In Gustav Davidson’ A Dictionary of angels Sariel is also placed under the fallen.

The University of Michigan has a section designated to Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity, Protective Magic, Babylonian, Demon Bowls. One clay bowl Seleucia-on-Tigris, 6th or 7th Century lists Sariel twice.

“I wrote all of the curses upon a new bowl of clay and I sent back the curses of those who cursed Negray daughter of Denday to their masters until they release and bless in the name of Sariel the angel and Barakeil the angel and in the name of Sariel and Barakiel you release form the curses of those who curse Negray daughter of Denday as a man is freed from the house of bondage and from the house of weapons amen amen selah”

Fallen, or on the side of light, what is assigned to him is his knowledge of the moon and was the only angel to become an advocate designated with the ability to act as council. Deemed an advocate between Lucifer and God, and at the Almighty’s will and invitation, Sariel was allowed to return to heaven delivering messages from Lucifer. Sariel is ironically ruled by the zodiac sign of Gemini the twins.