Because of my interest in palmistry over the years I began to look to the Chinese study of reading feet as we do with the hands. This fascinated me and when I discovered reflexology I realised the connection of the designated areas of the feet to the different parts and organs of the body.

I began to study this concept with the palms and found that they too had not only the planets to describe their mounts but also designated areas connected with our body parts!

So in a therapeutic self-help way I have developed and designed feet that are sculptured, which can be hung on the wall for your own convenience. These are especially beneficial for persons who are dyslexic or have some learning difficulties. I designed the three different forms of artwork of visual colour and body identification, produced to go hand in hand with the package. Included with this is the hand charts both palmistry and organ body designated areas. This package is based on well-being and is an added partnership to anyone who would like to improve minor ailments. This is not for serious or long-term illness. Although it is down to belief, requirements and results. This is not an alternative to trained reflexologists as they know their subject and have trained in what some call alternative medicine! A Reflexologist has the experience and technique to massage the feet.

I love sport and have an admiration in an individual’s ability to compete and complete a challenge. Training brings aches, pains repetitive strain and common back problems. Devising this delivers a hands-on helping aid for relaxation and can be shared amongst partners as a sexual aid. I have pin-pointed the allocated areas of the sexual organs on the hands and feet.

A holistic healing technique that treats the feet concentrating on the pressure points that allocate the healing connection replicated throughout our body and feet. There are various appointed areas to coincide with the head (migraine): The neck and shoulders (muscle pain), heart problems, digestive disorders, from the internal organs to bone ailments as in the knee and spine dysfunction can benefit or sometimes be cured by this method. Although it can be beneficial in decreasing stress and help aid circulation, improving certain conditions, it is not a complete cure for serious conditions such as in infections, debilitating illnesses and in those that need surgery.

Some reflexologists believe in their holistic practices and in their ability to aid the more serious problems. A friend mixes Reiki, essential-oil massage and reflexology and has an excellent success rate. Reflexology is complimentary to stubborn static situations located in certain parts of the body.The fantastic benefit to this holistic craft is therapeutic with the ability to deliver relaxation and essential well-being. Each foot is individually treated with various techniques, including massage, thumb pressure, walking, and thumb joint a gentle forward flowing administration starting with the toes down to the sciatic nerve heel.

Sometimes the body and feet connection may react in a sensitive manner to the allocated part of the organ treated. This shows the reflection and recognition of its effect and treatment.

In the practice of palmistry, I personally connect our and hands with the chemical charges of our brain function. Each part of our hands and mounts are allocated with a planet position. Rubbing various areas of the hands can also stimulate, aid and increase the therapy by asserting pressure points upon the appropriate reflex area of the palm. Working in partnership with the hands and feet enhances great sensitivity and can be an effective combination.