What's Your Poison?

Welcome to the quirky world of poisons, condensed in a `Potted' history on the deviant side of nature.

`What's Your Poison' wryly invites the reader into a fact finding combination of curiosities incorporating numerous subjects and captivating interest from all walks of life.

May I then present the first of two volumes for the twenty-first century, containing complete reference on natural and synthetic toxins.

`What's your Poison?'

Volume I `The Garden of Hades' are the cogent creepers, plants possessing the ability to heal and cure, yet yielding volatile poisons that can kill. Hades, in Greek mythology is referred to as Hell, an in-between or kind of `No Man's Land'. The term, also adopted by the Church, applied to where those, not baptised, reside after death.

Volume II `Pishogue, Poisons and Pestilence' culminates into a complete reference of poisons and their consistency, reaping destruction throughout the past, present and now future. Touching on illicit taboo subjects along with catastrophic events initiated through toxins, such as the sporadic eruptions of ergot poisoning `St Anthony's Fire', the manifested hysteria of witchcraft, veiled voodoo sects and the poisons they employ. A journey will be taken into the world of hallucinogenic substances evoked through the sources of trees, fungi, plants and cacti. Infamous murders are examined with awareness on micro-organisms, biohazards, drugs, toxic aphrodisiacs and a completed in-depth listing of the most poisonous creatures on earth.

For gardeners, witches, warlocks, bokers (voudoun priests), shamans, witch doctors, cooks, medics, police, undertakers, warmongers, histroy buffs, environmentalists, grannies, murder writers, art lovers, the arcane, manic depressives, lovers of the bizarre, and avid browsers.

An enlightening, humorous, colourfully dark and deadly, Wonderful, weird read.

Curios that makes learning easy. Readers will be amazed at how much knowledge they have acquired.

You will gain super powers and be able to fly; Ok! So I'm slightly exaggerating, But, it will give you wings - - `of wisdom'.

Knowledge is power, Irrefutable? In our desire to understand history, society and the environment, we must examine the power of nature together with its cycle to bring life and deliver death. I have spent the last twelve years exploring poisons, prompted by a visit to New Orleans, an unpredictable childhood and an influential grandmother who belonged to the `Ley time' (to be at one with nature). She knew her plants and was indeed a wise women, declaring, `God gave us cures and remedies that can all be found upon Mother Earth and its creatures. Humans shall exceed into the `fast world' at an alarming rate of advanced communications and scientific expenditure, interfering with nature's cycle and as each decade comes to pass then so shall nature fall'.

War succeeds greed, green becomes concrete, with decreasing wetlands, natural habitats and plundered rainforests. Polluted Oceans', dying coral and dwindling fish stocks, all sadly adding to the imbalance of our earth and the elements, encased in a world of global warming. Sadly, many plants and creatures are in decline (while thousands lie in wait for discovery) rendering some species extinct, if not ourselves, in the not too distant future.

Know your poison?

To kill or cure is the balance to deliver the essence of life or the decree of death.

Come then, let us delve into the mysteries of Nature It is nearly midnight and the clock will not strike `Thirteen'.

But before we do - as they said in pre-breathalyser days -

- `Let’s have one for the road’

“What's Your Poison ?”