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The power of numbers

Numbers played a profound role in many civilisations from the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrews, to the Chaldeans, Hindus and Phoenicians. It is claimed the Babylonians and Egyptians were studying numbers as far back as 10,000 years ago.

The Chinese were influenced by the Phoenicians (an advanced and hardy travelling sea worthy race, originating from the Middle East) theories based on opposites. Daylight, fire, heat, the sun, and the colour white belong to odd numbers, while the polar, darkness, cold, water, ice, the moon and the colour black, were assigned to even numbers.

Pythagoras (6th century BC) was a Greek philosopher of sciences and also a brilliant mathematician whose thesis was based on numbers being the secret to the Universe. He pertained that everything could reduce to a mathematical term. A code allocated to a number, including the planets, and their movement, the seasons, elements, plants and the human race were all identified by the fate of numbers.

The Hebrews produced a coded system, influenced by the ancient Chaldeans (a race believed to be masters of the magical arts), allocating each of the 22 letters of the alphabet with a number, Nine is absent noted to be the number of God. The Hindus claimed they acquired their knowledge from the Gods themselves.

During the Renaissance Henry Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim) (1486 – 1535) was a natural mystic and one of the most crucial occultists of the sixteenth century. Agrippa devised and concluded his own account of numerology, based on the classical teachings of the ancients. Henry Agrippa’s work was elaborated on in the eighteenth century by the Sicilian, magician, healer, alchemist and psychic, Count Alessandro Cagliostro (1743 – 1795). Their closely related mystical systems were influenced by teachings of the Kabbalah, giving rise to the name and number solution.

The greatest influence of the Victorian era was Count Louis Hamon, who was known under his alias name of Cheiro. For years he retained his true identity as a Norman nobleman whose identity could be traced back to the Norman French. Chairo became a philosopher, moving to the East to study the mystical teachings of the ancients and the wisdom of the Hindus. He connected palmistry, numerology and astrology, combining them as a fusion of sciences that would assign our lives to a pathway of chance and destiny. Cheiro became master of them all, studying religiously on these subjects to the point of visiting hospitals and mortuaries for a more crucial and conductive research into his subjects’ lives and deaths.

The most crucial event is our path-destiny number attained though the calculation of our day, month and year of birth. The number is then reduced to a single digit of one, except for individuals with Master birthday numbers of 11 and 22.


No. 1: - 12th February 2000 - 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 7

No. 2: - 15th April 1942 - 1 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 2 = 2+6 = 8

No. 3 - 1st November 1980 - 1 + 1 + 1 +1 + 9 + 8 = 22 (a master number)

No. 4 - 23rd March 1929 - 2 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 9 = 29 (a master number)

It is important to understand that numbers differentiate between birthday and path numbers and that this is only an article outlining the basic characteristics of each number. Curiously you can find if you are influenced by your path or day number, by adding the name with the birth digits to see if they harmonise or are in conflict. To find your year vibration adds your day and month together with the present year (i.e.) 24th July 2002 = 2 + 4 + 7 + 2 + 2 = 17 = 1+7 = a year dominated by 8 vibrations.

Two Contrasting Systems

The ancient depictions:

A,1 B,2 C,3 D,4 E,5 F,8 G,3 H,3 I,1 J,1 K,2 L,3 M,4 N,5 O,1 P,8 Q,1 R,2 S,3 T,4 U,6 V,6 W,6 X,5 Y,1 Z,7

As an experiment find out what you’re family, business partners, friends and lovers numbers, which can be combined to your own. As well as house numbers, and names of your road or even cities and countries to find out what number they are influenced by?

How numbers relate to language.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

What's in a name? It your life force, from birth registration it is individual to you. Can a name be fortunate or unlucky; many numerologists would advise on a change of name if the vibrations were not good. It just might change your destiny. Follow the same process reducing down to one digit for each given first, middle and sur- name. Add your path number to the final total of your name to see if your numbers combine bearing a good representation of you and your ambitions.

You’re Vowel Number

These represent your ego and outer face you show to the world. Add together only the vowel letter of your given name, A, E, I, O, U.

The Consonant Number

These letters represent the hidden and unconscious self. The remaining letters.




Positive Leadership, originality, ambition, courage, independence.

Negative egotistical, dictatorial, selfish, stubborn, rash.

The Sun is the creator and gives “One” people courage, discipline and inventiveness. They are mainly optimistic, assertive and robust with a winning strength of character. Sun people are ambitious and confident. Negatively they dislike restraining situations, are stubborn and can be marred by an arrogant lazy, narrow-minded attitude becoming tempestuous loners. One’s live by their own motto, looking after number one.

Colour: Gold and Bronze. Stone: Amber, diamond and fire opals.


Positive Kind, sympathetic, analytical, balanced, reserved, and artistic.

Negative Moody, oversensitive, pessimistic, introverted.

The Moon rules over “Two” people with sensitivity, imagination, intuition and artistic qualities. They are generally deep mental planners and engineers, structuring work patterns to their surroundings, but mainly remaining in the background. Twos can become oversensitive, insecure and suffer bouts of depression or can be plagued with anxiety and lack of self-confidence. Remember the balance of the I Ching, male and female, good and evil, life and death.

Colour: cream and light shades of green. Stone: Pearl, Jade and moonstone


Positive Creative, versatile, self-expressive, optimistic and imaginative.

Negative Vain, extravagant, restless, too much of everything (burn out)

Jupiter is the ruler of these proud people, who make good listeners and have a high regard for the arts, especially music. They can be found throughout all walks of the entertainment world. Threes bear authority, discipline and power, (which sometimes can be almost dictatorial). These people are philosophers and have the tenacity to rise to high positions, especially amongst the armed forces. Three is a poignant number in Christianity, the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In Greek mythology the goddess Rhea gave birth to her three sons, Hades controlled the underworld; Poseidon ruled the seas and Zeus the sky and land. Threes are nomadic and restless and can be vain, extravagant, bombastic slave drivers who over the years may acquire some enemies.

Colour: Mauve to crimson. Stone: amethyst


Positive Practical, tenacious, methodical, steadfast, endurance.

Negative Dogmatic, narrow-minded, despondent with a lack of drive.

Uranus rules the “Four” individuals, who can be unpredictable, rebellious, disruptive and yet strangely quite sensitive. They are trustworthy and practical, although have a distinct personality, fours love being contradicting and argumentative just for the sake of it. They make good travellers and indulging in the bizarre, but may love their own company, just a little too much. Fours flow in rules and structure, the four seasons and the four elements and the aggression and power of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Colour: Light shades of green grey Stone: Sapphire


Positive Adventurous, versatile, mentally quick, a butterfly.

Negative Unstable, aggressive, self indulgent, irresponsible.

Mercury rules these mercurial versatile children that thrive in commerce and telecommunications. Like quicksilver they move in and out of precarious situations flitting from one thing to another. They are happy individuals, although highly strung, talkative and naturally inventive and can be seen throughout entertainment. Some are impulsive gamblers who risk all through reckless behaviour, or they can manipulatively rise to the top and just as quickly fall back down too.

Colour: Electric blue and shimmering silver Stone: agate.


Positive Generous, peace-loving, tolerant, kind, dependable, artistic.

Negative Cautious, interfering, vain, jealous, unbalanced.

Venus rules over the people of “Six” who are loyal, affectionate, considerate and generous. They possess magnetic personalities drawing friendships from all walks of life and keeping them. Some are idealised, becoming icons. They love lavish lifestyles, having the tenacity to carry out plans efficiently. Sixes can be stubborn, dutiful, and pessimistic, becoming slaves to their own emotions. God also created the world in six days.

Colour: blue/green Stone: turquoise and opals


Positive Affectionate, mysterious, profound, analytical, wise, psychic.

Negative Secretive, quarrelsome, a darker side, a dreamer, pessimistic.

Neptune rules over “Seven” people with originality. These unique individuals have restless natures, philosophising on life and the universe. This is the number of the waning moon and the number of occult knowledge. Many, throughout their lives will gather a tremendous general knowledge of the world. They are deep, independent, imaginative and need solitude. This number lies behind some of the great painters, musicians and writers of our time. In mythology seven was the number of the unconscious, peace, sleep and death. Remember the seven deadly sins.

Colour: Silver grey and iridescent shades. Stone: Pearl, opal, Moonstone.


Positive Powerful, good judgement, management, ambition, successful.

Negative Materialistic, dangerous, studious, impatient, melancholic. loner

Saturn rules the destinies of “Eight” people in more ways than one. Some numerologists believe eight to deliver all or nothing. They are bestowed with originality, strength and perseverance to accomplish a great deal in spite of many obstacles they may incur. These intense, suspicious, loners are considered the playthings of fate, affecting the subject in everything he or she does throughout their long or short lives. They are misunderstood and must trample down the barriers and never give up. They have a dictatorial volatile character, making them dangerous as an enemy. Occultists believe in the four and eight intervention, when an eight individual is truly fated then four may show its mark throughout their years. As a union or in friendship the four and eight combination can be challenging, disruptive and dangerous.

Colour: Grey, brown and black. Stone: Black pearl tolourmarine, black quartz.


Positive, Idealistic, active, inspired, adventurous, achiever. Compassionate

Negative Egocentric, narrow-minded, aggressive, impulsive, inconsiderate.

Mars rules the people born under Nine with an impulsive, aggressive, but compassionate nature. They make good organisers and leaders but are terribly impatient and can be prone to accidents especially through explosives. Many may find their places in the armed forces, police or ironically as firemen. They strongly resent criticism and can lose control brandishing a hasty temper, which in the long run could land them in precarious `hot' situations. Mars’s individuals believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Colour: All shades of red. Stone: Ruby, Garnet, Fire opals.


Visionaries, intuitive, mystical, unique, driven, secretive, and sarcastic.

“Elevens” are a master number that is not reduced; otherwise it would become number 2. They possess a contemporary avant-garde character and are the visionaries of the future. Eleven shows the duality of two ones, which may give them two sides. At their best they are charismatic, intuitive and inventive. At their worst they can be cutting, materialistic, inconsiderate and self-destructive. Their over exhausted nerves may become the better of them.

Colour and stone mimics number two.


Powerful, creative, controlled, insensitive, obsessive.

This second number is weaker than eleven, although it does produce strong, artistic, successful and powerful individuals who are emotionally controlled. They can be emotionally detached, become materialistic, over bearing and insensitive.

Colour and stone the same as number four.

To calculate your personal year number: add the individuals day and month of birth to the year in question.

b. 21 November = 2+1 +1 +1 = 5 + 2005 = 12  = A 3 Personal year



I have been a student of palmistry since the age of seven, with an introduction from Aunt Honour, this initiation into the divinatory subjects had just begun.

Over the years my reference has always reverted to the teachings of the ‘Prince’ Chairo. Knowledge was in the study of my varied and excellent collection of palmistry books and unique individual sample hand plates ranging back to early 1900.

Chairo researched his palmistry ‘Chiromancy’ through war heroes and those unlikely to return; to the hierarchy of the politicians, officials and film stars. Most of his sombre work was to play out by visiting the sick in hospitals, analysing individuals’ portending fates and checking the palms of the dead in the mortuary.

Palm reading is by the shape, lines and mounts of the hands. Predicting the future events through the life and fate lines. Depending on the amount of information developed throughout life’s experiences. For example numerous lines to a clear cut simplified hand then the reading with magnifying glass should take up to an hour.

The left hand can be completely different to the right. The Chiromancer should first discover whether the quarent is right or left handed. If right handed the source of their gifts and qualities will be found in the left hand. The right hand will be their life path and progression. This is vice-versa for the left handed individual. Ambidextrous, then consider both hands together. The palm is felt for a hollow, flat or cushioned surface.

As we all develop into our lives and world this bring wisdom and folly. Just like a map that becomes more congested with knowledge and progression through life. Lines are encouraged especially on the right hand, specifically fine branches that rise up or down from the major lines and mounts. What some may not realise is that our lines change due to our circumstances in life, through death, birth, accidents and opportunities. It would be a good idea to photocopy each hand, dating it and reverting back for past and future reference.

Off-shoots ascend and descend from the life, heart, head, fate, sun, and health. This is a vast subject and cannot be expressed in an insignificant introduction. Psychologically assess their hands how they hold them up to you. Then the shape of the hands, the nails and colouring for health reasons. Feel the knots (knuckles) and phalanges in between the fingers.

The thumbs are then observed, their shape, size, flexibility, as the thumb is the strength of the person and their personality. The fingers are next, their length to the other sister fingers. The suppleness and how straight or how crooked they are. The mounts of higher and lower Mars are crucial when considering the temperament of the personality. Each finger is designated with a planet and relationship towards the sister fingers. A magnifying glass must be used to find the significant markings situated on or surrounding the mounts.









Concluding this subject (for now) is common sense, in weighing up both hands and the personality projected through the palms and their claimed history.

The criminal hand will have certain functions and display weaknesses on the heart, head, together with high mounted Mars. The ego will be found in size and mounts of the Jupiter index finger. The thumb when clubbed can display a volatile individual. The little finger of Mercury may bend and Mars may display a cross or circle. Melancholy or a subdued individual may be detected by an over enlarged mount of Saturn. An artist’s hand can replicate insanity or genius by a double head line with one line descending to an exaggerated Luna mount.

Responsibility is crucial to this art and like all divinity subjects being careful not to over exaggerate, instilling fear and uncertainty.

The divinatory arts can be used beneficially as life coaching and encouraging the individual to attain their desires by eliminating negative traits and encouraging positives. I am asked numerous questions concerning individuals inquisitive about certain lines or strange hand markings this will be one of the sections I will be updating. Hopefully on a weekly basis.

TAROT cards or officially Cartomancy is using the cards to read the past present and future. Without boring those who already know the knowledge of tarot reading, the deck consists of 78 complete cards; out of those are 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The minor are a composition on a deck of playing cards, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts. Together with their court suit cards make up an excellent story of life and classified individuals through the court cards. Although singularly the fool remains the unnumbered trump card leaving 21 Acana.

My grandmother only read the playing cards she found the tarot to have a force of their own which she found dangerous when put together in relaying the future. The 22 Major are crucial to a read as their significance will be directed to their surrounding and position in the lay out.

Tarot cards can be traced far back back to the Egyptians. They are an eminent component in the Kabbalah (Hebrew ‘receiving’) and its esoteric teaching component in the Kabala’s ‘Tree of Life’. The Kabbalah is a set of scriptures that exist outside the traditional Jewish scriptures. It practices belief in spiritual realisation, the eternal nature of the universe and its creator.

The 78 tarot deck was used form mid 15th century across various parts of Europe especially France and Italy employed and played as gaming cards. By the late 1700’s they took on a new identity as the object of divination by occultists and mystics.

Lou was a local gypsy woman and her family would come back (to the village I stayed as a child) in the late Fall when the dark is in bloom she used to say. She taught me the many meanings of the Major Arcana and she taught me well.

Before I even knew their numerous meanings I would have to learn the fool as a newborn and his story of growth. Development, knowledge begins with No. 1 card the Magician finishing with the world. She said it was the journey of our souls on this earth. When I had followed his journey of innocent to the unknown and lessons he had learned I would then have mastered his life and death.

When this was accomplished at the young age of seven it was eight before I began to learn their meanings and interpretation. Because of my short time at the country village (2 years) I never saw her again but she was remarkable and wise. Of all my years studying this subject, there is a realisation that these cards are not a tool of evil, but in the right hands and a gifted interpreter they can be psychologically defining in helping the quarent to understand choices, new beginnings and guidance within their lives.

PentaclesDiamonds –coins - especes – monnaie. - Air

In reference to money, avarice, fortune and ambition

Aquarius – Gemini - Libra

CupsHearts – Coupe – Goblet. - Water

Cups are our affections, hopes, joy, happiness, harmony and love.

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.

WandsClubs – rods –sceptres - staves – batons. - Earth

Representing the Business world and practical formalities.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

SwordsSpades – epee. - Fire

Swords portend danger, misfortune, false friends, deception and fate.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

This part will also be updated when time permits with the explanation of each card.

Necromancy is the force of using the dead to disclose the future. It dates back to ancient Persia. It is frowned upon by the Catholic Church as an evil practice.


The study of writing; the flow and technique of script through size, regulation and balance. Sample paragraphs can disclose the ambition and faults of the personality. A magnifying glass is used to enlarge defects and flow of the writing. Writing that slopes to the right or left, or rigidly vertical can show extrovert, introvert and candid, emotional detachment.

Stress and organisation skills can be detected by ink pressure, straight or wavy lines. Open letter or inner looped letters can decide whether a person is secretive or a gossip. The spacing between each word is crucial in understanding the individuals need to be love, noticed or introverted, insecure and detached.

Again a magnifying glass is needed to enlarge the writing in order to check for pending illness or nervous psychological disorders.

As with tarot cards and what lies next to each card, everything must read like a map and story of the individual’s positive and negative points.

The signature needs to be taken into consideration when comparing it to their basic script. How diverse or similar are they to their script writing?

Have they looped their signature?

Have they underlined it?

Can it be read or recognisable?

Bearing in mind that people tend to write less now and so when they do revert back to using the ‘old dinosaur’ the pen! There is sometimes an instability that shows in sample scripts.

Sample written pieces should be observed and later compared as this will disclose any variations in writing and what they declare about that person’s growth in spirit and mind.

A trained eye can detect any underlying mental or physical illness, warning them of the culminating situation. A diverse subject with the need to balance every positive and negative trait. It can be an insight into how a person can delve into the deeper side of their psyche. Handwriting changes all the time within months or within years. With computer technology writing is not practiced so much and I am researching that at the moment to see whether a few of us have lost our identity as individuals to learn the basic ways of writing, for what is not practiced we tend to forget!

Dream Divination is the interpretation of dreams through psychoanylisation and pshyic prediction.

In 1875 F.W. Hildebrant wrote “Dreams help us to inspect those hidden depths of our existence which are mostly beyond our reach during our waking hours. Dreams bring us such refined insight into self knowledge and such revelations of half-conscious dispositions and powers that on waking up, we may well admire the sharpe-eyed demon that helped us find the hidden plot. A dream can warn us from within with voice of a watchman stationed at the central observatory of our spiritual life. And our dreams can also warn us of the dangerous steps we have already taken”.

Studies show that we have a minimum of three dreams a night and as many as eight. Lucid dreaming is a continuing hypno alertness a control factor and conscious awareness within our dream state. Some of us have the ability to write our scripts becoming the actors within our dreams. Questions can be asked or advice on precarious situations and received in valid answers.

Dreams can be inspirational, precognitive, factual and a warning! Many of us never remember although we know we experienced something. I personally believe that the more spiritual, creative, musical or artistic individuals can receive vital information not just psychologically but psychically too. Dreaming is also a coping mechanism throughout our roles in life. Sleep, and dreaming aids our bodies to repair its nervous system acting out physical activity and tension by releasing charged emotions.

Sleep deprivation will starve the brain and body causing fatigue and mental meltdown. We are unable to function properly having a detrimental impact on our daily lives. Individuals vary in the amount of sleep required from four hours, as not efficient in my opinion to ten hour, far too much causing fatigue and lethargy.

Mike, a dream researcher into sleep deprivation and insomnia deems that only four hours sleep is insufficient and could lead to problems when older with memory and a debilitating mind.

The art of dream divination is in the concept of the dream its pattern, objects and psychic intervention.

Dreams should be written down immediately after waking. The best outcome for remembering is if you wake up around four o’clock when you are in deep REM Rapid Eye Movement.

Note your feelings are you scared, emotionally drained, happy or sad?

Recognise negative or positive dreams and interact them with your daily life and what they are trying to relate to.

Before you sleep, meditate, clarify the concept or objective, ask your mind to reveal the answer to your question, repeating it about five times. Think and concentrate on your dream and you may resurrect some forgotten parts.

It is worth pointing out that many musicians, artists, inventors and scientist have all been inspired or have been given the answer to a problem solved. Analysis needs to be based on the class of dream, for example, nightmare, anxiety, danger, surreal or sexuality.

Remember many dreams are ‘dreams of contrary’ as in a wedding or a funeral with opposing meanings.

The other thing to bear in mind is your personality. A sensitive timid individual or a scientific logical person may have dreams adapted to their individuality. For example in my case I dream of devilish nightmares released by my dark nature. This does not mean that I possess a negative personality, but the opposite and so I paint through the concept of my nightmares. I have an affiliation with death and interest in supernaturals or demons. So my dreams feed my imagination.

Think positive, be happy and dream well!

This section will be updated regularly and so starting at the beginning with


ABANDONED and its interpretation should be based on the dreams circumstances. Psychologically to be abandoned may signify insecurity, rejection, worry over aging and an emotional need to be free in mind body and spirit. On the contrary if you abandoned somebody then you will hear of favourable news. It you are abandoned then expect some kind of rekindling or recovery from trouble.

ABORIGINE is rare and what I refer to as a psychic dream or a spiritual calling. Aborigines’ believe in dreamtime and their life is living in a dream state. They begin their life in death. To dream being in the company of this indigenous person is to go through a transformation, as with the tarot card Death, it does not mean the end but to begin again. You will soon or are currently undergoing an epiphany in your life. It also represents that the departed or your spirit guide will relay messages in sleep.

ABBEY to view an abbey in a dream is generally a good omen generating peace of mind. To walk around a ruined abbey is reflecting on sadness and living with a regret or loneliness.

ABDUCTION is a dream of contrary success against all odds, if you are abducted. If someone else is then news is on its way.