I have had an interest in Grimme-Grimoires or Magicians diaries since I was a thirteen, inspired by Hetty who pressed and designed every flower she was able to milk or induce for its chemical components for medicine or muscle rubs. She used to call it her cookery book, but I instinctively knew it was her magic potion diary.

Many Magicians, Witches, Bokers, whatever magic you yield or practice, natural, generic, decadent or forbidden knowledge. They are the clandestic inscriptions and diagrams individually sourced and research, acquainted with their creator.

They can contain your beliefs, systems, theologies, doctrines, illustrations and research, but whatever it is private and personalised solely to the owner, which upon one’s death it is usually destroyed along with its creator.

Ancient Grimoires contain valuable information inscribed with talismans, symbols, recipes, incantations and the resurrection of evil forces. They are guarded away in museums or (I don’t doubt) the Vatican, while others reside with private collectors and may contain taboo instructions which in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

I am currently updating information into the history of Grim-Grimoire, elaborating on the unique and dangerous presentation, profiles, ideology of their creators.