Why should I write my first book, “What’s Your Poison?” Not because “there’s a book in everyone”, but the fact is that nobody wanted to write it for me and considered the material too dark. In other words they would not make money out of a niche subject book with taboo issues. So I wrote it myself with the help of my good friend Martin, who I met when he was Head of English at a local Comprehensive school twelve years ago and whose subsequent honesty in critically challenging my ideas, supporting my belief in the books and proof-reading has been invaluable. Martin and I have been a collaborative partnership to the extent that I now make him lots of coffee! Even the dog doesn’t bite him anymore!

All subjects are researched through my library of reference books which I have been collecting since the age of eleven. These range from world history to a complete occult collaboration of varied subjects, from cult to scientific and pharmaceutical interests.

What’s Your Poison? The Garden of Hades.

My first book was based on plant poisons and their ability to give or take away life depending on the dose. It delivers a quirky observation on the toxic side of nature together with alluring colour illustrations of our familiar and unfamiliar toxic fauna, represented symbolically in the essence of women.

Pishogue, Poisons & Pestilence.

The second follow-up to The Garden of Hades, elaborates on various afflictions and affects from poisons. The first section reviews infamous poisoners, dating from Ancient Rome to present day murderers who employed the constituents for arcane intentions, as the induced dark sleep became a significant tool of death. The second section covers some of the world’s most poisonous species in nature’s trees, plants and animals and how their toxins are exuded and administered for control and death. The highly illustrated book elaborates on the significance of plant, animal, reptile and arachnid toxins in medicine and establishing that crucial cure which may be found within the natural world. The final section observes the most prolific diseases and viruses that have descended over the earth, delivering corruption, ignorance, greed and destruction upon man, by man, from pestilence and plagues to chemical warfare, with devastating effects.

APHRODISIACS – The Good, Bad & Ugly.

This again is a book divided into three sections. A highly illustrated book based on the sexual debauchery and evil discard and disrespect of animal parts employed for the aphrodisiac trade. The first section introduces the history of aphrodisiacs and their execution, method and burden reaped upon endangered species, through mindless superstition, ignorance and greed. I elaborate on the reality and benefits that can be achieved from aphrodisiacs.

The second section lists an extensive A-Z of aphrodisiacs; the good, the bad and the ugly. Each listing will be designated with a symbol of good (angel), bad (death) and ugly (demon), which signifies the beneficial and healthy aphrodisiacs or one’s that can cause detrimental health or death and evil purposes.

The third section is the quirky section where you get to experiment with food. I have set out an introduction on the history of herbs and spices. This then develops into four-course set meals under the four elements of earth, air, fire and water followed by each sign of the Zodiac and what each sun sign would be more attracted to. You can experiment with your own sign’s beverage, starter, main and dessert.

Incorporate your own menu from different signs, than invite someone around and away you go!