Devil is derived from the Greek word `diabolos’ originally means (“accuser”, “slanderer” or “tranducer”), translated from the Hebrew, Satan.

Lucifer, Satan, the Prince of Supreme Evil, Old Nick, Old Horny, Lusty Dick, The Great Dragon, The Prince of Darkness, The Anti-Christ.

Although Satan in symbol and religious teachings is significantly associated with the serpent and temptation of humans, the serpent became the symbol of the underworld in Greece and Mesopotamia, representing power, sexual deviance, chaos and evil. In Latin from which the English word is derived Lucifer signifies “light-bearer” (lucem ferre). This was the name given to the brightly lit star of Venus, glistening “from the heavens” when seen at dawn. Venus became known as the Flame of the Morning Star that never sets. It is ironic to think that in astrology Venus represents the planet of love. Ezekiel wrote of Lucifer “You were the signet of perfection. Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty”.

Why did Lucifer fall?

He became jealous of God’s love for man, envious and refused to honour humanity; as angels were far superior.

Lucifer’s vanity and inflated ego also emerged when he placed himself on the throne of God. The disobedient angel became God’s adversary and sought to attain a higher power to that of the Almighty.

During the War of the Heavens Michael fought Lucifer and cast him out of Heaven and Lucifer fell down into a domain of Hell. Other angels also followed him and fell to create their own hierarchy and dominion of princes and dukes. Lucifer inherited the Deadly Sins and put them to practice in Hell. Avarice, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath.

Chapter 14 – The book of Isaiah;

And it will be in the day when the LORD gives you rest from your pain and turmoil and harsh service in which you have been enslaved, that you will take up this against the King of Babylon, and say, “How the oppressor has ceased, And how fury has ceased. How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of dawn! You have been cut down to the earth. You who have weakened the nations!

Lucifer the Fallen One - The Mormon’s (Latter Day Saints) believe Lucifer to be the name of the Devil before he rebelled against God and was cast out of the heavens.

The Satanic Bible of 1969, Lucifer is recognised as one of the four Crown Princes of Hell and the East! Gnostics refer to him not as Lucifer or the devil but gloriously as a liberator of the spirit and guidance.


There is reluctance throughout many angel books to acknowledge the fallen, but I personally find the fallen angels more interesting, as it remains a balance throughout life in good and in evil. The term fallen angel does not appear in the New Testament or Hebrew Bible, although in Revelations’ Chapter 12 fallen angel can be interpreted with “the watchers” cast down to earth form the War of Heaven. Developed through the scriptures of the pre-Christian apocryphal Book of Enoch, who identified and recounted the placing of over 200 rebellious angels, this concept was later adopted by the Christian and Hebrew interpretation of Enoch’s depictions.

The Seven Princes of Hell:

Baal-Beryth, - Federal Lord and master of ritual and pacts.
Dumah. – Silencer of death and commander of the demons.
Mephistopheles, - Light hater, the destroyer.
Meririm, - The prince of air and angel of the Apocalypse.
Rahab, - The angel of contrary, rebellion, insolence and Ruling Prince of oceans.
Rofocal, - The chancellor and minister of wealth in Hell.
Sariel. – Sariel is contradictory due to various contradictory sources listing him under Archangel as well as Grigori but is named as the prince of the moon and protector of secrets. See Sariel on Home page.

Some fallen angels are referred to as demons or ethereal beings on earth amongst humanity, whispering, manipulating and in some cases invading the human body. This then becomes the possessed.

The Watchers’

Many have heard of Angels, Arch Angels, and Fallen Angels, but unless fully conversant with the Bible, you may not be aware of the watcher. In the Old Testament Aramaic Daniel the ‘watcher’ is referred to as an obedient angel or the ‘holy one’.

‘The Watchers’- “the holy ones’ – “those who never sleep”.

“Fall of the watchers from heaven” are of 200 in number who were the first angels to join forces with Satanel and turn against God.

Because of their animal lustful emotions and fired with rebellion they are said to be the most affiliated with humans and therefore their conscious companions. In the book of Enoch watchers are dispatched to earth to watch over humanity.

A note before reading angels I have not elaborated too much on the Kabala and the Tree of Life this will be represented in the mystic arts section in due course as my friend is fluent on this subject. This is because the tarot and the Journey of the Fool is a fundamental practice by some tarot interpreters, while others mystically follow the Kabala and the Tree of Life theory in the layout of cards.

Angels (Greek for “messengers”) – Angelology.

To rush in where angels fear to tread. From the Old French word angele derived from the Greek angelos and Latin angelus, signifying to bring news or a message. Throughout various teaching and religions, the Christian Bible, Hebrew Tanakh and in the Muslim Qur’an, Angels are depicted as messengers of God. They are also enforcers of God’s will through tasks and as guardians to humans. Angels are classed as immortal but are not eternal, only God the Almighty Commander, he alone stands eternal.

Angels are ruled under a hierarchic divine council.

De caelest hierarchia – The Celestial Hierarchy.
De ecclesiastica hierachia – The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.
De mystica theolgia – The Mystical Hierarchy.
De divinis nominibus – The Divine Names.

Angel names are masculine and regarded as asexual or androgynous. Many still like the concept of beautiful regal women draped in glorious iridescent robes. Some see angels as radiant celestial beings of light.

The Ancient Persian religious tradition of Zoroastrianism viewed the world as a battleground between forces of good and evil with human individuals assigned with their own guardian angel called Fravashi. Sikhism (Guru Nanak Dev Ji) regarded angels as divine deities that help the judgement of the soul. The final Guru of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib in the Holy Scriptures denotes Azreal as the angel of death. The book of Daniel is the first biblical figure to depict angels with individual allocated names, Michael the holy fighter and Gabriel (God’s first messenger) and elaborates with the goodness of angels, while the Book of Enoch concentrates on the fallen.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) view angels as messengers of God sent to mankind to deliver messages. They also believe them to be the spirits of deceased humans or souls that are yet to be born.

The old saying “I’m in Seventh Heaven” is taken from the deities of the order hierarchy of the seven heavens. The seventh being the highest order of the Throne of God.

The Triad are the tree entities and the three symbols of power.

The first Choir of Heaven is the first angelic choir that stands nearest to the Seraphim, called Shamayim, Shamain or Vilon, (from the Latin velium meaning ‘veil’) which acts as a protective measure to serve and protect earth. It borders with the stars, wind, clouds and water, working closely with the elements of fire, ice and snow. Adam and Eve also dwell in first heaven. The planetary angels also reside there and where Archangel Gabriel rules over the first and lowest heaven.

The second Heaven Raquia, Raqia, - ‘expense’ is the heaven that maintains the prison of sinners and some of the fallen angels chained and encased in darkness awaiting the Last Day of Judgment. The Zodiac angels reside there along with John the Baptist. Archangel Raphael and Zachariel who denotes the law of the second heaven.

The third Choir of Heaven, order of the thrones Sagun, Shehaqim, ‘skies’ is home to the Paradises Garden of Eden. Of golden gates and abundant orchards and rivers that flow with milk, honey, oil and wine. The Tree of Life also thrives the the third heaven. Anahel oversees the third Heaven of Sagun. The Islamic angel of death Israel also resides here. Some researchers and sources claims that the north of this domain houses Hell, Lucifer and his Demons. A river of flames flows through an icy terrain.

The fourth Choir of Heaven is the order of the Dominions, Zebhul, Machanon,’lofty place’ houses the holy temple of God with twelve towers and twelve walls with twelve gates that encased the city. Four rivers flow with milk, honey, oil and wine. According to Enoch the Tree of Knowledge grows in the fourth heaven. Archangel Michael rules this domain.

The fifth Choir of Heaven Machon, Methey, ‘dwelling’ contains a divine prison without sky or ground but suspended with the sound of choirs of angels that sing throughout the night; falling silent by dawn. The fifth Heaven contains avenging angels and is ruled by Sandalphon or Sammael.

The sixth Choir of Heaven, the Powers, Zebul, Makhon, Makon ‘habitat’, governed by two angels Sabbath by day and Zebul by night. The seven phoenix and Seven Cherubim reside here. The glorious school of knowledge teaches angels the thoughts and behaviour of man. It reflects on the karma of mankind and all happenings upon the earth. Archangels teach the lower angels on the cosmos and scientific subjects. This level also houses some ambiguous angels where good and evil are irrelevant. Both angels such as Uvall and Camael (affiliated with witches’) inhabit this domain. The powers contain the fallen and this constant battle for temperance within this heaven. Many of the fallen were amongst the powers before rebelling and retaliation. Beleth once the Powers Prince of the Choir now commands a legion of eighty-five demons at the borders of Hell.

This level of heaven maintains freezing conditions, an ice citadel encased in a winter wonderland. The prince of the sixth Heaven is the Archangel Gabriel.

The Lower Triad the Hands of God

The seventh Choir in the Heaven of principalities and where stands The Throne of God, the highest level of the universe. The Heaven of contemplation and solitude in the holiest of places named Arahboth -‘clouds’ God is always in the presence of the Cherubim, Seraphim, and Thrones. The unborn souls of humans also reside in this domain the blessed spirit of unborn souls waiting to be conceived and begin life. Barakiel is said to rule over this domains of seventh heaven and was deemed as one of the seven angels of creation.

The Eighth choir of Archangels command their legions in defence of the lower triad against the demons and fallen of Hell.

The ninth choir of Malachim are the foot soldiers, guardian angels, with the inclusion of all forms of light and dark entities.

The tenth choir of the Grigori were classed as the sons of God and deemed “the watchers” or “those who never sleep”. They taught the sciences and make weaponry. The Grigori are the angels that fell to Hell, a part of the choir that no longer exists, destroyed under God’s command.

Gabriel - primary messenger of God delivering strength and kindness.
Malach HaMavet – the Angel of Death.
Michael – the likeness of god enforcing justice and power.
Raphael – the Healer
Seraphim – praising God through choirs
Satan/ Lucifer (the Morning Star the bright and beautiful one)
Satan - the Adversary, bringing forth the sins of humans before the heavenly court.
Uriel – the shining light of destiny and controller of the four winds.

The book of Enoch is an Ethiopian, Slavic, ancient Hebrew and Jewish synthesis Religious Book of scriptures. It is a crucial source in the identification of angels. They are now judged to be non-canonical as they did not coincide with current religious dogma. Enoch was the great grandfather of Noah and regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox church and Eritrean church although their views are separate to the rest of other Christian groups. Enochian Magic was a form of astral travelling to vast planes of the consciousness. Teachings consist of communication between spirit and angel. I have classed the watchers and fallen angels under Lucifer for the appropriate definition of Satan as the instigator of the fallen. Many Fallen angels are classed as Demons under their own title as they maintain immense recognition from various religions. The Dead Sea Scrolls were a culmination of the Ge’ez language with a fusion of Arabic, Latin and Greek Fragments. This category of Angels concentrates on what we perceive to be the concept of angels and our association with them.

There are many various depictions on their physical appearance. They are described as ethereal radiant beautiful beings dressed in lavish royal robes, or androgynous. Others are described as cherubs or celestial light creatures. Many reside in the Kingdom of Heaven carrying out various duties as a hierarchy maintained in Heaven under an order of the archangels. I feel the need to introduce Angels with complete honesty. Please bear in mind it is only my opinion.

Over the last few years I have attended various seminars in order to find a balance between what certain individuals and organisations are trying to portray, their motives, theories and intentions.

Theories and courses are great for instilling confidence, for self help such as NCLP, Spiritual enlightenment, Cosmic Ordering or Meditation, all offer their individual services. They can improve our self belief, creating our own luck and ask the Universe for help can be beneficial. These services to enlightenment, which many of us strive for, can help change our lives with beneficial results.

When seminars are directed purely on the foundations of angelology and individuals who claim to see angels all the time can carry a degree of responsibility. It is their belief and concept, which can crucially impact on some of the people attending these talks for security and comfort, easing the grief stricken, or maybe illness along with lost souls searching for answers.

I try to listen to all variations on this subject, from the artists that paint individuals, spiritual guides, to how to get to know your guardian angel. How they protect, love and direct you by whispering angelic interventions. I have listened to these people and my conclusion is they are usually vague with a need to fill in the logical gaps. None of the individuals who claim to see and speak with angels that I have met know nothing about angelology with reference to The angel Hierarchy of the Heavens, the War of the Heavens, the book of Enoch or the Fallen ones.

Recently I attended such an event and found myself amongst some happy, loving and harmonious people, although half of the audience seemed lost, vulnerable and immersed in grief. Looking around the forum I could see the pain etched on individual faces. They were there for comfort and direction. My friend Christine (a very spiritual lady) and I found the atmosphere to be strange and oppressive. The speaker claimed to have seen angels since she was a toddler. She also described to us how all of us have guardian angels and that they were all present and seated in between our seats. She described how beautiful and glorious they were, a sight to behold.

I am a realist and like to be objective, analysing and balancing these claims, but also respecting the speaker’s beliefs. I began to question some of the theories allayed to her by the angels. One in particular is how we are pending souls in heaven allied with our guardian angel for life and how we choose our parents before we are conceived. What disturbed me about this notion was she claimed these souls (basically us before life) knew how their life pattern was mapped out and what they would endure. So why would any of us pick a mother or father who we know is going to cause us constant anxiety, pain, abusive, violent and sexual behaviour? Or why would you choose a mother that terminates you at five months?

The imbalance to her ideology told to her by angel messengers was that evil human beings devoid of goodness and deliverers of death also had a guardian angel and upon their death would return back to heaven. The moral to this teaching? We all might as well reap havoc, be greedy, infuse ourselves with as many negative points we can surface to receive the same treatment from heaven as the harmonious, peaceful and loving people.

The questions and answers seemed to again be evasive concentrating on repetitive information. I was not picked, even though my arm was held very high. Maybe her angels intercepted the mike from heading in my direction evading my child like enthusiasm. These are the questions I would have asked: The book of Enoch or the hierarchy of the order of angels and heaven was not discussed.

Question Do you see any fallen angels amongst all these radiant angels in this room?

In her book she states she does see them and they attend her talks, claiming how she immediately has the ability pick them out as they possess piercing eyes!

Question Can you ask the angels if a soul is born evil and if so are their guardian angels fallen or inflicted?

Question If the guardian angels and their helpers are employed to aid humans then what are the fallen enlisted for?

There is a need to believe in something comforting. For some religions guide our faith and daily lives, while others draw on spiritual awareness connecting them to ethereal beings. I do believe and hope that angels are amongst us and we are blessed and designated with our own angel. It would be comforting and enlightening. The religious teachings of Christianity, Judaism and Islam at the beginning of the material universe created celestial supernatural beings. Gifted with immortality to praise and serve the Almighty messengers and emissaries from God to man as guardian spiritual protectors. Often preconceived as male and female, or androgynous endowed with radiant beauty and love. In Judaism the only permitted images of angels are upon the Ark of the Covenant.

I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Luke X v.18

The seven holy archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel and Remeil, which stand around the Throne of God. In Revelation 12, Michael is recognised as the leader who cast out the dragon from heaven. Archangels are mentioned in the book of Enoch, Jude and in Thessalonians.

The Koran recognises four archangels with a description of two, Michael as a warrior angel who fights for the faithful and Gabriel (Jibril) the angel of revelation. They were active and part of the opposing force of good throughout religions and myths. According to Michael Psellis, angels were divided into the four elements of fire, Scraph; air, Nathaneil; water, Cherub; earth. Ariel. sylphs, undines, salamanders, gnomes.

The Upper Triad in Gods immediate Presence.

First order of Seraphim the highest order of angels displayed with six wings. They are the angelic choir that stand next to God in the Dionysian hierarchy. They are divine beings of pure radiant light instilling love and virtue into mankind. Enoch assigns Seraphim to the four winds of north, south, east and west. Satan can also be classed under one of the Seraphs.

Ruled by angel Saraphiel the ‘Prince of Peace’.

Second order of Cherubim carried an open book and were the angels immortalised on the Ark of the Covenant and the carriers of divine knowledge. The Cherubim are cosmic beings that hold the energy of the sun, moon and stars. Ruled by Zaphiel, Cherubiel, Raphael, Gabriel.

Third order of Thrones were a group of angels called Thronoi, Ophanium, or Galgallin and were always in the presence of God. Designated as mysterious and together with the Chrubimin the role of charioteers. Ruled by Zadkiel, Raziel, Orphiel.

The Middle Sphere,Triad in Divine Equilibrium.

Fourth order of Dominions are royal clothing of the lordships, equipped with a sceptre, a gold imperial orb and sword, the appointed rulers and the intermediaries of divine grace. They descend from the center of the cosmos. Ruled Zadkiel, Muriel and Hashmal.

Fifth order of Virtues seen as shining, brilliant beings with flowers of lilies, red roses and church clothing, they deliver divine miracles and the inspiration to saints. They are guardians of humanity delivering valour, courage and comfort. Apart from the expulsion of Satanel the Virtues are lead by archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Bariel and Tarshish.

Sixth order of Powers were armed like knights delivering the ‘karma laws’ and carrying a staff and sword and were the first angel choir that God created. They were in a constant conflict against Hell and have the task of keeping demons in control. They are also seen as angels of death and rebirth. They guide lost souls to the pathway to heaven. Ruled by Chanuel, Sammael, Canael, Ertosi, Verchiel.

Sphere Three The Lower Triad – The Hands of God

Seventh order of Principalities are the overseers of nations and lower angels. They work with leaders of the world and direct guardian angels to inspire individuals. They wear a crown, sceptre and display armour under court dress and carry a sword. Ruled by Cerviel, Haniel, Reguel.

Eighth Archangels are ruling angels (the torches and teachers of life) and knights with armour worn over white ecclesiastical tunics, displayed with an array of weapons. Created by God to direct his will; they stand equal together and are of one unity. They rule the elements, plant and animal life.

Ninth The lowest order of Angels display church cloth on the forehead and a jewelled headband with a cross. They make up millions of angels performing many different tasks.

Demon of the fallen equipped with scaled bat wings.

Celestial hierarchy.

The order of the angels and their ranks. The four governing angels of the seasons.

  • Spring, (Talvi): Spugliguel
  • Summer, (Casmaran): Tubiel
  • Autumn, (Ardarcel): Torquaret
  • Winter, (Farlas); Attarib.

Azrael is the angel of Death and in the Hebrew and Islamic teachings is stationed in the Third Heaven. In Jewish mysticism Azrael is the embodiment of evil.

  • 1st highest order of angels Seraphim, surrounds the throne of glory.
  • 2nd Cherubims, the guardians of paradise.
  • 3rd order of the thrones
  • 4th order of dominions
  • 5th order of virtues
  • 6th order of powers
  • 7th order of principalities
  • 8th order of archangels
  • 9th are the lowest angels

The term demon means means “replete with wisdom” Derived from the Greek daimon, signifies, ’spirit’, `genius’, `fate’, or `divine power’,although in England the word has become demonic, meaning malevolent spirits.

The angel Lucifer rebelled against Heaven, Archangel Michael fought a war against the unruly angel. Lucifer fell deep down below the earth, followed by his unaccounted numerous followers. Some fallen angels remained in mid air, left in limbo to tempt man. Acquiring his new status as the Devil, the fallen angel obtained command of his own empire, Hell. There he reigned together with his deviant, devil counterparts.

It is believed that the government of Lucifer was formed with a general and sovereign kings of the North, South, East and West, who in turn, subordinately ruled, with divided ranks of dark spirits. Devil Dukes, Marquises, Counts, Earls, Knights, Presidents and Prelates. Every demon reigned under a certified rank and number.

The angel hierarchy in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

1 Kether (crown) Seraphim Metatron
2 Chakmah (wisdom) Cherbim Raisel
3 Binah (intelligence) Thrones Tzafkiel
4 Chesed (love) Dominions Zadkiel
5 Gerburah (severity) Virtues Chamael
6 Tiphereth (beauty) Powers Raphael
7 Netzach (victory) Principalities Haniel
8 Hod (majesty) Archangels Michael
9 Yesod (foundation) Angels Gabriel
10 Malkuth (kingdom) Humanity Sandalfon

Lucifer’s dominium of armed forces finally acquired nearly twenty-four hundred legions.

Further reading and ref;

The Chatto book of the Devil. Edited by Francis Spufford.

A Dictionary of Angels, including Fallen Angels. By Gustav Davidson.


Through resent and despair the devil I did summon,
“I am here in challenge to converse with you madam”
Fortune shines so bright on some and seems to me unfair,
While others are encased in a hailstorm of despair.
“So do you think we play you like the pieces on a board of life?
To sentence one with grief and sorrow fortitude or strife,
Humans are diverse in nature, Humble, sly and weak,
Vengeance built on malice,
From past experiences I thee speak”.
He’s charmingly grand, of handsome nobility,
Intensely serene, though he lacks in stability.
We argue on religion and worldly affairs,
Injustice and slaughter he had been there.
By the legions of Rome,
In the Coliseum seated,
This angel felt at home,
His work truly completed.
A matter of selection for his own kind of course,
What instinctively is absent he does not force,
In his cycle he thrives,
Immobilised by spring,
From life until death let nature begin.
He’s avant-garde, an enigma, contemporary.
Allied with the Vatican,
A paradox of integrity,
From my very first breath of being born,
I knew I had met this angel before.