I am a self-taught artist, sculptor, designer and writer. From an early I age was introduced to the Mystic Arts. A child of darkness encased in a world of bewitchment, magic, vampires and demons. By ten I was drawing the dead, making moulds of monsters and collecting horror books and magazines. While friends displayed their favourite teeny popstars, I hung up Dracula and zombies.

My work is created with meaning and each design accompanied by an explanation of the product’s significance. If the written text is absent, then a copy can be obtained from my web site. tinatarrant.com

Before painting, I stare at my blank canvas; I see the concept and the finished picture and begin. By visualising the end result you master your idea into material fact. Through our ideas, we invent and attract all desires.

We see, believe, receive and achieve.

Hope you enjoy my site,



Painters: Frank Frazetti; Caravaggio; Waterhouse; Dali.

Interests: The Occult; Quantum Physics, Italian Renaissance history The Borgias, Medici, Machiavelli. Voodoo, Cooking. Poisons.

Sport: Surfing, Boxing, Swimming, Rowing, Squash.

Films: Bladerunner (directors cut); Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Gladiator; Leon;

Music: Stranglers; Red Hot Chilli Peppers; ACDC; Doors; Velvet underground; Dandy Warholes. Counting crows, Muse; Massive attack; Kasabian. Black crows: Classical music.

Animals: Wolf, scorpion, raven, spider, snake.

Love: New Orleans, Rome, Cesare Borgia, True Blood, American Horror Story, Father Ted; Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Food: Mushrooms; peppers; garlic; herbs and spices.

Hate: Phones; celebratory sycophants; vanity; adverts, deceit


If you want to read the long winded version on me and trying to bore the pants off you...............

I am a self-taught painter and sculptor with well over one hundred framed paintings and numerous illustrations. I educated myself due to adverse schooling (hated by my teachers) that failed to detect learning difficulties. Words did not make sense because they moved around and became wavy. I had word blindness and can only read factual books in which I read each page three times. This aids my brain to act like a sponge as my memory is excellent and therefore can process all information like a private library. I have exhibited some of my paintings in London, Paris, Germany and The United States, selling prints only for now, retaining my originals for sale within the next few years. My work is oil on canvas and they vary in size from 16x20 inches to huge works, with some taking up to a year to complete. I paint layer upon layer, a time consuming process, but with specific results. I have an intense belief in the law of attraction. You as an individual may attract negative or positive people into your lives. Cosmic ordering works like a universal mega-computer, inter-linking energies of the quantum world and connecting to our brains. I have a general interest in Quantum mechanics and now believe that science, spiritual and mystical energy are entwined. Adversity can starve us of emotion, increasing insecurities, while other individuals thrive against adversity, developing a hunger as ambition becomes their benefactor. The internet comes into its own as creative individuals can be seen and heard.

I have often been asked do I believe in Evil? The answer is Yes. By this I believe in the dark hereditary gene of evil. I have always had a fascination with evil and death. I am not talking about revenge or crime of passion but a passive nature devoid of empathy for humanity and animals, or a temper that explodes into destruction and rage. I take into account and eradicate, the frustration and discord of learning difficulties and emotional recognition associated with Aspersers, I have a personal reason for studying this subject which I decline to go into.

Since the age of fourteen I have charted the horoscopes of infamous murderers, their numbers, graphology and palm print (if attainable) and background. Could evil be prevented if intervention had taken place while they were young, by embracing them with love, inspiration and grounded direction. Can destiny be changed? I’m sure the presence of a narcissistic, selfish, evil or warrior like gene may be controlled or converted through a nurturing background with the keywords being happiness, love and guidance, throughout childhood.

The film Man Hunter depicts the analysis of the mind and motives of a killer! Graphology is one of the doorways to our motives and the investigation of potential mental health problems.

You can use a certain amount of information to detect a clandestine and vengeful person by their rising sign, which depicts the hidden or true personality, together with the culmination of all the planets positions at birth. I don’t fully believe in astrology and we should never be ruled by any of the occult or some scientific arts. Destiny I believe can be changed! To me it’s free will “no fate but what we make”. You can follow a path linking personality to the palm, on the qualities one is born with, to what the individual has achieved through their own adversity and merits. The palm I do find interesting as sometimes they reveal remarkable information on ourselves, like a mini life-file computer, doctrine all our endeavours through the coding of mounts and lines. Although balancing it out, I often ask the question what about amputees, who through birth or tragedy have no limbs, arms or hands? We are all endowed with our genes and choices in life. Find your ancestry and you maybe can learn from it.

Through visits and studying the Art Masters in many European Galleries, my favourite city is Rome.

My work is not confined to one specific form; rather it is a compilation of many different styles. Its versatility leads me through fine art and figurative sculpture into modern and commercial pieces. I respect all art, but my greatest influences are Caravaggio, Waterhouse, Dadd, Dali, Von Stuck and my hero the late, great, Frank Frazetta.

Go well, to the visitors of my web site, take life by the horns and live it to the full; as time waits for no one.